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New York, the house of life

di Giorgio Mais

Dynamic, modern, bright. These are only three words that can be used to describe New York City, one of the biggest cities of the United States, that is known worldwide thanks to the huge number of films that has been shot there. New York is not so close to Italy so you need to take an over 9 hours journey to get there by plane, but when you get off the plane you can immediately breath the air of the big apple.

New York it’s a bit strange, it’s extremely hot in summer but it’s as much cold in winter. When you walk down the streets of this amazing city you feel absorbed by so many skyscrapers and you can’t do nothing else except standing with your nose up contemplating such tall buildings, so different from each other. It seems like the sunlight can’t seep through this big cement jungle.

A ton of cars slides away between the skyscrapers and make a lot of noise that is one of the most characteristic features of the City. Starting from the lower point of Lower Manhattan stand out amazing buildings made of glass that reflect the light so strongly as to blind who is staring at them. In this part of the city there is the museum dedicated to the terrible attack of the twin towers, a moving place where the silence and the images bring your mind back to that moment.

From Lower Manhattan you can see the iconic Statue of Liberty that seems tiny at the beginning, but that shaws its splendour when you walk down Liberty Island. Near the statue there is the museum dedicated to immigration in the United States in Ellis Island. On the way back to Manhattan the city paints in front of you an amazing skyline.

Near the skyscrapers there are two famous areas of New York, called China Town and Little Italy. Walking there you can see Chinese writings on the billboards and you can find Italian restaurants with strange names where you can breath a familiar air. From Little Italy you can spot the top of the Empire State Building, which is lighted of different colours at night. This well-known building is located in the Fifth Avenue and you can see it from every point of New York. When you go at the base of it you feel nothing compared to this giant.

Near Little Italy you can find the district of SoHo, a very chic place where you can see lots of graffiti and old styled buildings, and where you can visit Washington Square Park, where there is a big arch in front of a fountain.

If you go to the northern part of the city you will come across Times Square, with its colourful billboards and its overfilled sidewalks. Time Square is very beautiful by day, but it’s completely different ad absolutely stunning when you see it by night.

If you continue walking down the Fifth Avenue you will be surrounded by lots of shops, like Tiffany, the famous jewellery that has been made even more famous by the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In this area there are lots of modern buildings from which it’s possible to enjoy an amazing view of New York, and you can also see the Saint Paul’s Cathedral, a gothic building that stands fiercely in the middle of the traffic.

New York is full of museums, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) is one of the most famous of them. The Met museum hosts lots of paintings and ancient finds from different parts of the world. In the Met a famous celebrities’ gala takes also place every year.

Near this enormous building there is Central Park, the New York’s green lung, where New Yorkers and tourists like going for walking in a quiet place and breathing a bit of fresh air. From Central Park it is possible to see the skyscrapers that are all around it, and walking through it one can discover lots of lovely tidbits.

However, the true soul of New York can be found on the other side of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, in DUMBO. This place is strangely quiet if you consider that it is the most important place of the neighbourhood of Brooklyn. In DUMBO you can walk dow the seashore and see the Manhattan bridge, but you can also meet lots of artists and you will be surprised by the kindness of the inhabitant of this area, coming from lots of different countries and living together in balance.

New York has got its bad features too, but even if it can be stinky, chaotic, noisy at night, full of people that sometimes are rude; it will find a place in the bottom of your heart and you will be in love with the City that never sleeps.

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